Risofu - Ground
Risofu - Ground

Risofu - Ground

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Product Features

  • Free of top 8 allergens: does not contain egg, milk, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, or soy


  • 75% made with organic ingredients 

  • All other ingredients are natural preservative free 

  • Low fat 

  • 97% fat-free 

  • Excellent source of iron & fiber 

  • Good Source of protein & omega-3s 

  • Gluten & soy-free 

  • NON-GMO 

  • Vegan 

  • Whole Grain 


Ingredient Statement

RISOFU™ - (Rice curd base, [filtered water, brown rice, black rice, wild rice], rice puree [brown rice, white rice, rice vinegar], rice milk [brown rice, filtered water, rice bran oil]).

  • Other products may contain one or more of the following:

  • Red kidney beans

  • Green lentils

  • Salvia Hispanica (a natural grain)

  • Sea salt

  • Natural flavor

  • Spices

  • Vegetable Gum​

All other ingredients per product are either natural or organic.



Due to the nature of this product and its requirement per FDA rules & regulations, a Packaging & Handling charge of $8.00 is charged on top of the price of shipping. This includes cooling, box insulation, and materials necessary to ensure proper delivery.

Shipping is calculated at a FLAT RATE BASED ON ZONE and has been discounted in an effort to keep costs low to the consumer.

Your product may arrive thawed or at room temperature. This is normal. The product is able to be re-refrigerated and/or re-frozen. 

To ensure proper temperature upon arrival PRODUCT IS ONLY SHIPPED MONDAY, TUESDAY, & WEDNESDAY. 

We encourage ordering 4 or more units to maximize your shopping experience. For BULK ordering please contact customer service.